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ESL Activities and Game Ideas with Little Preparation

Preparing for a class is one of the challenges that most teachers have to deal with. The process often involves racking your brain to try and do something different with the class. You might want to introduce a new activity that will help liven up your tired class. Perhaps you just want to try something new, an activity that you is still fresh to the class as well as yourself. When it comes to most teachers such as yourself, you might not have all the time and energy in the world to always thinking about something exciting and new to bring to class each day. This is especially the case if you are working with an ESL class. For most teachers, the solution is always going back to their old ideas or following the pages of a textbook. However, this should not be the case because there are ESL activities that you can do that require less preparation time.

Today, you have a wide array of ESL activities to choose from that don’t require a lot of preparation and can be adapted across language points, making you use them again and again. For these ESL activities to work, ensure to add the elements of motivation, clear focus, and clear instructions into the mix. Your ESL students need to have some idea why you are making them do something. For more interesting and fun ESL activities, you may consider adding an element of competition into it. You will never run out of ideas of ESL activities because now you can rely on many book resources from your local library or online stores that don’t need a lot of preparation on your part. You may also get some ideas from your fellow teachers. To get you started, here are some fun ESL activities to keep in mind.

One of the interesting ESL activities that you can try is a twist to the backs to the board game. Pick a representative from each of the two groups and have them face away from your board, write something on the board, and let their teammates explain the word without using the words itself. Give each team a minute to provide an explanation of the word or sentence you’ve written on the board. Use this for an sentence structure or tense you want to teach.

Sentence reduction is another great form of ESL activity that comprises writing a short paragraph or a long sentence on the board that is rich in vocabulary. You group the class into two teams and allow the students to erase one to three consecutive words in turns, ensuring that after erasing, your sentences still make sense. You proceed with the next team if the paragraph or sentence don’t make sense but first, replace the words. The team that removes the most words wins. A variation to this game is to begin with one word and allowing the students to slowly replace it with two to three words until they expand the sentence.

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